Low Maintenance Humidification System

Combines two proven DriSteem products, the Vapormist® electric humidifier and the 200 Series reverse osmosis system in one fully integrated package. High purity water means less chalky scale build-up in the humidifier evaporating chamber, ensuring reliable, long-term humidifier performance.

Set up, view, and adjust humidification and water treatment functions at the unit or through building automation functions using a single Vapor-logic® controller.

  • Control to ±3% RH
  • Less time and effort for maintenance
  • Single user interface

Controlled by:

Vapor-logic® controller

Dispersion devices:

Ultra-sorb® steam dispersion panel

Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube system

Space distribution units (SDUs)

Capacity range:

6–102 lbs/hr (2.7–46 kg/h) for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 1632 lbs/hr (740 kg/h)