Stelpro Duct Heater


Les serpentins électriques sont conçus pour être utilisés dans tous les systèmes à air forcé pour les installations commerciales ou industrielles que ce soit du simple chauffage auxiliaire ou du système de chauffage complet pour tous genre de bâtiment. Dessinés en concordance avec les exigences les plus élevés en matière de sécurité de l’ACNOR (CSA).

Round Duct Heater

Whether it is for preheating ventilation air or for heating a room, the SDHR is powerful enough to raise the temperature to the desired level. Its modulation system and temperature sensor will give you accurate and efficient performance. Moreover, its modular system will facilitate installation and maintenance. Available in several sizes and capacities, there is certainly a model for you.


Custom Duct Heaters

The electric duct heaters are manufactured for all types of installations. Whether it is for an installation at the outlet of a VAV box, an air handler or fan coil unit, inside a commercial make-up air unit or an OEM application with a process air heater, the high manufacturing standards at °STELPRO ensures a duct heater of unprecedented quality.