Steam-to-Steam STS® humidifier

STS® humidifier

The STS humidifier creates chemical-free humidification steam using boiler steam as its energy source. It accomplishes this by using boiler steam in its heat exchanger to vaporize clean fill water into humidification steam. It’s a closed-loop system, so no boiler steam or chemicals enter the humidified space; they return to the boiler. STS is compatible with all water types.

  • Control to ±1% RH with available options for specific applications and use of DI/RO water
  • Most energy-efficient means of producing chemical-free steam with pressurized steam as the energy source
  • Available Outdoor Enclosure and weather cover
  • Easy retrofit for steam injection humidifiers

Controlled by:

Vapor-logic® controller


Ultra-sorb® steam dispersion panel

Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube system

Single dispersion tube humidifiers

Area-type fan

Capacity range:

20–1600 lbs/hr (9.1–726 kg/h) for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 25,600 lbs/hr (11612 kg/h)