Gas-to-Steam Generator


GTS® humidifier

The robust GTS humidifier provides a broad capacity range and is compatible with all water types. Application flexibility and full burner modulation make GTS the ideal choice for almost any application.

  • CO2 reduction and energy savings up to 70 %
  • Lowest operating cost for a steam-generating humidifier (calculate potential savings with the Humidycalctool program)
  • Indoor and outdoor enclosures
  • Integral drain water tempering

Controlled by:

Vapor-logic® Controller


Ultra-sorb® steam dispersion panel

Rapid-sorb® dispersion tube system

Single dispersion tube

Space distribution units

Area-type fan

Capacity range:

75–600 lbs/hr (34–272 kg/h) for each unit; link up to 16 units for capacity up to 9600 lbs/h (4354 kg/h)

Control: ± 3% HR

Applications: Designed to be space-conscious and streamlined