AQC Source Capture Equipment


We are manufacturer sales representative of dust collector system for all types of products and fume capture system for all type of installations. Our systems are designed to be very efficient and long lasting. Working closely with AQC Dust we strive to constantly improve the products to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations

Articulated fume extractor arm

Overhead canopies are a thing of the past. Workers were actually breathing the dust and smoke-filled air as it was travelling upward toward the canopy.

Source capture is the safe and the right way to eliminate the harmful pollutants significantly that are the primary cause of lung diseases.

Maxair fume arms are built to reduce the presence of industrial indoor air particles. From laboratories to large welding shops, Maxair fume arms will get the job done.


Hose drop for fume and gases exhaust systems

The MAXIDROP hose drop system is an interesting alternative to hose reels.

Designed to work with small cars right up to large diesel engines, MAXIDROP assures that the hoses will not be crushed by workers or vehicles since they are lifted and secured by the balancer.

The ratchet lock system on the balancer allows the hose to be pulled at the exact lenght required.

Single, dual or fan equipped systems are also offered with different diameters, lenghts and temperature ratings of hoses.

A variety of tailpipe adaptors is also offered depending on the application.


Fume and gases exhaust hose reels

Car and truck maintenance facilities are often confronted with the presence of fumes and gases produced while the engines are running during tune-up or repairs.

The MAXIREEL fume extraction system is well adapted to capture the deadly pollutants emitted from combustion engines.

Made of rugged rolled steel components, the MAXIREEL recoils the flexible hose around the drum when not in use.

A heavy duty dual spring pack with ratchet lock mechanism is located on the side of the reel. Optional motor driven reels with radio signal control is also available along with a fan mounted directly on the hose reels.

A central fan can also be used for multiple reels installation. Fitted directly on the automobile tailpipe or truck stack, the different available nozzles can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum or rubber. Dependind on the application, hoses are available in 3’’ (75 mm), 4’’ (100 mm), 5’’ (125 mm), 6’’ (150 mm) and 8’’ (200 mm) diameters.

Hose reels can also take up to 42’ (13 m) of hose. High temperature hoses (up to 1200 °F / 650 °C) are offered for extreme duty application.


Extension pivot boom

MAXIREACH pivoting extension booms are designed to increase the area of reach for source capture products such as the MAXAIR self supporting fume arms and vehicle exhaust equipment such as MAXIREEL hose reels or MAXIDROP hose drops.

The extension booms help reaching points which are distant from a wall or other mounting areas. Extension booms can also be use to support items such as welding wire feeders or to undersling hoses or cables in conjunction with their primary function.

The swivel section of the extension booms is made of rolled steel pipe. The top and bottom of the pipe is adapted to adapt a MAXIDRIVE fan or flanged duct connection.

The extension beams are manufactured of heavy gauge steel tubing with a bearing swivel. The spiral ducting mounted along the beam has a diameter of 6” [150 mm] or 8” [200 mm].

Standard units are supplied with brackets for mounting fume arms or hose drops. Double pivot type extension booms are divided by a bearing hinge which allows the user to reach back under the extension boom.


Exhaust ducting with trolley system

Maxirail sliding suction rail is designed to draw and remove smoke, gas and dust pollutants from working area.

It can be fitted with one or more Maxair self-supporting fume arms, MAXIREEL hose reels or MAXIDROP hose drops for vehicle fume extraction.

Multiple rail segments can be installed end to end with no limit as to the possible total length.

The basic element of the duct is a 10’/3m segment. The sliding trolley travels easily on casters outside of the rail ensuring that the interior of the rail is smooth and with minimum static pressure.

Rubber lips open and close as the trolley moves along the rail minimizing air loss. It’s aluminium construction allows minimum hanging weight.

The MAXIRAIL can be mounted on ceiling or wall supports. Mounting configurations may vary according to specific needs.


Direct drive exhaust fan

Manufactured with backward inclined aluminium blades, MAXIDRIVE fans are designed to extract smoke, vapor and light dust away from the worker’s breathing zone.

The rugged steel housing with aluminum impeller assures a non-sparking design.

MAXIDRIVE can be mounted directly with MAXAIR fume arms, MAXIREACH extension booms or MAXIREEL hose reels.


Affortable portable filtration unit

Welding applications do not always require expensive filtration units with options not necessary to perform adequately.

The MINIROLL is a basic no nonsense high efficiency portable unit which is designed for fume and dust filtration.

The MINIROLL base unit comes complete with starter, power cord and MAXAIR fume arm for source capture.

Options such as pulse cleaning system, HEPA and charcoal after-filters are available.


Compact and portable filtration units

When welding, grinding or dust source capture is necessary away from a fixed work station, both MAXIROLL and MAXICART units are easily moved to the desired location with the help of swivel casters and push handles.

Cartridge cleaning is a snap. Simply push the palm button to discharge the compressed air from the integrated air tank.

Both units have large dust trays at the bottom and are emptied when needed. Backward inclined fans deliver great air volume while the foam insulated steel cabin ensures quiet running.

MAXIROLL and MAXICART portable units can be equipped with MAXAIR arms. The units may also be connected to a ductwork arrangment for remote source capture.