AQC Dust Collectors


We are manufacturer sales representative of dust collector system for all types of products and fume capture system for all type of installations. Our systems are designed to be very efficient and long lasting. Working closely with AQC Dust we strive to constantly improve the products to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations.

Horizontal downflow pleated cartridge dust collector

Dust collectors have developed through the past years with emerging technologies.

A.Q.C. has chosen the best new available components and integrated them in the MAXIFLO horizontal cartridge collector.

Available in various sizes and configurations, the MAXIFLO collector is mostly used to filter fumes created by welding processes, plasma metal cutting or any fine dust resulting from grinding or sanding applications.

The electronic control panel ensures interval pulses of air for cleaning the cartridges properly.

Safety features such as explosion relief vents, back draft dampers or any other NFPA requirements are available. Also, different dust storage systems are offered ranging from low profile dust drawers for welding applications to multiple drums for larger quantities of dust and particles.


Stand alone high efficiency cartridge collector

MAXIFLO-MC cartridge collectors are designed for a wide range of particle filtration. Using the same technology as the regular and larger MAXIFLO units, the MAXIFLO-MC has the advantage of being installed quickly and easily.

Shipped fully assembled and taking very little footprint, the unit can be in service rapidly. The quiet motor-fan assembly with anti-spark polyamide backward inclined impeller allows great air volume and medium to high static pressures. The integrated control panel ensures constant and reliable cleaning of the cartridges by air pulse.

Efficiency of cartridges may allow recirculation of filtered air into the premises (some restrictions apply). Maintenance is a snap by only emptying the dust storage bin. Safety features such as NFPA explosion relief venting doors or sprinklers may be added to the unit.


Multiple pocket type dust collector with shaker cleaning

Designed for various air volume applications and solid particles filtration, the MAXIVIBE dust collector is ideal for small to medium size shops and industries, training facilities or vocational schools.

The narrow footprint of the MAXIVIBE unit means that it may be installed inside or outside of the facility without losing valuable floor space.

The (95 à 99% @ 5-10 microns) efficiency filter pocket envelope allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings.

Usage may vary from wood transforming industries, ferrous or non-ferrous manufacturing shops, plastics and composites fabrication as well as pharmaceutical plants and food industries.

The manual or motorized cleaning systems dislodge particles from the filter and are then stored in a variety of bins, drawers or drums. Safety features such as explosion releif vents, back draft dampers or spark detection and extinguishing systems for explosive or combustible dust are available.


Economical pocket type dust collector with manual shaker cleaning

Based on the MAXIVIBE design, the MAXIPLY is more economical since it does not needan enclosed cabinet and the cleaning system is performed by manually shaking the filter envelope.

The (95 to 99% @ 5-10 microns) efficiency filter pocket envelope allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings. Primarily developed for interior installation in small shops and vocational schools, its use is perfect for medium to large size pollutants such as sawdust, grinding, buffing or sanding of different metals, powders and composites.

Air volume capacity can vary from 500 CFM to 5000 CFM. The satin interior coated filter helps to minimize dust caking on filter surface.

The angled hopper ensures constant sliding of pollutants into the dust storage drum. The support structure can be easily dismantled for relocation into another part of the facility using the unit or for a new installation in a room with limited size doorways.


Baghouse dust collectors with compressed air pulse cleaning

Solid Construction. Fully welded 10 and 12 steel sheets with reinforcement. Guaranteed against leakage

Vertically mounted flat faced circular bags for high concentration or wide pleated long cartridges for extended surfaces used on
medium concentrations

Application versatility: side bag removal, or top bag removal with full height plenum

High quality pulsed air using MPH3 high ratio compressed air nozzles, ensures even flow

Staggered pulsing of filter rows to eliminate migration of dust to adjacent filters

Side duty air entry into a drop-out section for large particles


Ceiling mounted air filtration units

LET’S FACE IT! Plant managers have to maximize their floor space as much as possible. So when it comes to adding a new piece of equipment, they search for the area where it will encumber the least.

The MAXITOP overhead cartridge dust collector with automatic cleaning system will eliminate the worry of finding the right place for installation.

Two models with various C.F.M. capacities are offered: air-in air-out design for filtering and recirculating ambiant dust laden air or flanged configuration for source capture with MAXAIR fume arms.


Ventilateur d’extraction

In addition to their major advantage, Maxhydro have no internal moving parts, no screens, no spray nozzles, no pumps. There is nothing that can break down, clog, or wear out ! As a result, NO MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED, other than the simple removal of collected dust sludge.

Static pressure drop across the Maxhydro unit is much less than in many other venturi collector designs. This reduces fan power requirements and saves energy. In addition, wear of the venturi inlet section components is negligible.

With explosive dusts and powders such as magnesium, aluminum, titanium and other explosive materials, Maxhydro units are safe to be used inside of the workplace, and cleaned air can be discharged back into the plant providing great savings in powerrequirement, ductwork, required air make-up, and reduction of heating/cooling costs.

In addition, the Ultimate unit is not only competitively priced, but it also comes with a five year warranty – one of the longest warranties offered for this type of equipment. If any of the internalparts need replacement, Air Quality Control, Inc. will supply the part free of charge