Penthouse and gravity ventilators

Penthouse and gravity ventilators and use to bring fresh air from a room either by naturally by gravity or force by a fan. We offer them in different materials and they can be painted to match the building colors. Carnes

Air distribution : Grilles and diffuser

Diffusers We offer a complete selection of Diffusers, Registers, and Grilles. For those special needs, we also provide products customized to fit all needs. Our air distribution products are available in Steel, Aluminum, Extruded Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. Carnes more... Dayus more... AirVector more...

Gas Detectors

Gas Detectors Systems CRITICAL ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES systems offer monitoring and detection of gas leaks, carbon monoxide detector CO / NO. They can be used of alarming control of demand ventilation required by laws in most region. Détecteurs de gaz voir plus...

Terminal units and Variable air volume Box Carnes

Carnes Terminal units and VAV box offer a precise control of the flow and temperature for maximum occupant comfort. They are designed for low pressure drop and sound level. Certified by AHRI Single Duct Terminal Units The Carnes Model AV is available as a basic control unit with open-end discharge or with an optional sound attenuator [...]